Dune Dodgers

A Game of Hangman Gone Horribly Wrong
And our heroes are fearsome foes in the face of enemy flames.
  • Upon reaching Red Dead Ned’s hideout, the party was stunned to find the outlaws having a grisly gang of hangman, starring Rooster
  • The Youmu don’t take kindly to that sort of thing, and the resulting whupin’ set the bandits running for shelter
  • Rooster provided an inspirational boost with his guitar, helping the party kick some ass and rescue his comrades
  • Hunter and Cobalt are now prepared to help the heroes take down Ned, dead or alive, and splitting the bounty 6 ways.
Gods-damned Sneaky Halflings.
(In Which We Learn Trust Is a Worthless Commodity)
  • Colton became acquainted with the Strix bounty hunter, whose name is Rooster.
  • The group found the water stand, and attempted some subterfuge. That went out the window shortly, of course.
  • A triumphant fight ensued, leading to the enemy leader, Mark, to surrender.
  • Moby revealed that Gianna had lost the stand to him in a dice game. While foul play was suspected, and both parties were overcharging suckers for Gozreh’s Gift, the party decided to leave them to their petty squabble and wash their hands of it.
  • Magnus’s druid friend did give Adara a decent potion to get off his back, however.
  • Upon getting back to town, it was discovered that Colton’s feathered friend went to raid Red Dead Ned’s camp, but hasn’t returned…
Found a Lead!
And shenanigans ensue.
  • Rorin gave everyone a stern talking to and everyone felt guilty for the rest of the day
  • Met a strange lady who was identified ad Gianna, the Halfling water merchant. The group agreed to clear her water stall of bandits so that she would agree to join the Youmu.
  • Everyone went back to Goli to await dusk in order to start the travel; the Ifrits had a drinking contest while Colton decided to speak with the bounty hunters from before.
  • More on that as it develops…
The First Town
Real mature, guys.
  • The party battled 3 giant scorpions to protect their tribe. Only one person passed out from poison!
  • Arrived at the Goli Oasis and were instructed by Rorin to find and recruit a druid, ranger, or both for the coming travelling season.
  • Entered the Bouncing Tadpole (Scared off the only hunter the innkeeper knew about, almost picked a fight with three tough bounty hunters, and heard about some outlaw named Red Dead Ned)
  • Got basically kicked out of the armory for asking fool questions about that Ned
  • Finally decided to check the river banks for camping Druids… then promptly fucking off and jumping in for a swim.

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